StopManhattanwood is a new awareness and advocacy campaign featuring billboards and online elements ( to educate concerned citizens in Los Angeles and elsewhere about the impact that tremendous growth and overdevelopment in Los Angeles—particularly in the Greater Hollywood area—is having on the overall quality of life in the city. The Manhattan-ization of Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles must stop! 

Hollywood as Microcosm: 69 Pending Developments Show Need for Citywide Protections

Hollywood serves a microcosm of the urgent need for protections for neighborhoods and quality of life. On November 13, 2015 the City of Los Angeles released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for yet another new development in Hollywood (1311 Cahuenga). This report now lists 69 cumulative impact projects pending in Hollywood area. Note: The cumulative impact project list does NOT include many other huge projects, or any projects filed in the last few months

The worst traffic bottlenecks in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles may not have the number 1 traffic bottleneck in the United States, but it’s home to 11 of the 30 worst in the nation.
That’s according to a study released Monday by the transportation advocacy group the American Highway Users Alliance, which ranked the country’s 50 most congested roads as measured by hours of delay…

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